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Get your Soundbranding Toolbox to stay ahead of internet marketing trends now!

Social media and marketing work together perhaps from when the former was established. It is no secret that videos are getting more and more crucial in communicating with your online audiences. Well guess what, is seems that social media trends in 2017 bring an even greater need for using videos across platforms! What else is going to be trendy in 2017? Innovative media use, and this is when you will want your Soundbranding Toolbox. Let me explain:

YouTube is still the best host for your videos, where ever you need to post them further!

This means that you may be posting your videos on Facebook, Instagram, or simply your own website; but because of various limitations you will most likely have all your videos hosted at an external profile. YouTube is still the best for that and a lot of companies use it. Some of them may host over 1000 YouTube videos on their profiles to use and re-use in all of their online communication.

However, since everybody’s doing this already, then where is the innovation? Still not a lot of brands use audio branding. Brands can innovate their identity by paying attention to their sound use, through such actions as simply casting the right speaker. A cherry on top of the sound branding cake is creating a sound identity that can support a brand’s audio branding platform. This can make a brand stand out in an innovative way.

This is where you may want to get your Soundbranding Toolbox and stay ahead!

Video designers go to great lengths to innovate their videos from everybody else’s. Nowadays, this starts going in the direction of 3d surround videos supporting VR, or multi-video linking interactive experiences. Like always in the competitive environment of today, success often depends on details. Naturally, this refers to all of my arguing for using branded sound and music, and against using other people’s available sound. Market leaders use branded sound. It reduces their sound and music related costs and develops their brand identity.

If you want to use branded sound and have a team of designers, they need a video design guide, and they need the know-how to create one for sound use, so that they can ensure consistency and coherence of their sound use across media. These media include all present and future media and platforms. Everywhere where sound is expected, and the more immersive the experience is, the more authentic and original sound is required. Therefore, if you are an awesome designer or you simply want to do all that you can for your brand to succeed then keep reading.

Ensure your brand’s identity stays 100% unique on all levels and that it gets recognized even before customers see it by building your Soundbranding Toolbox

The Soundbranding Toolbox is a framework sheet used to define and create your brand’s sound identity and to describe sound use across media. The Soundbranding Toolbox builds upon your existing brand identity to create sound and music tools that may be used everywhere where sound is needed. The customized and complete and Soundbranding Toolbox itself is part of what you will get when you contact Soundbranding to create a branded sound identity. Afterwards, you can create your branded sound video design guide yourself!

Want to get your Soundbranding Toolbox and define sound and music for your brand?

If your brand is supported by a team of designers and you feel up to the challenge of managing sound design operations yourself, Soundbranding may provide consulting to familiarize you with the methodology to do so. This way, you can get crucial know-how to design your own set of sound and music tools which will form a branded sound identity! Contact Soundbranding now to stay ahead of internet marketing trends now!