How to design winner brands

Designing winner brands nowadays is about much more than designing a logo and defining a design guide. It takes much more than that. “How to Design Future Winner Brands” was discussed by world class experts on the 29th of March, 2017. The conference was a huge success and all who attended had a unique chance to learn tips like the ones presented below. Also, feel free to wath the video for a summary of the conference.

1. Branding needs to catch your company and your consumers

In the past, branding was about the product and the market. Through branding, a company diversified itself from its competition and often marked itself as belonging to a given market, such as travel or bakery with logos and brand names relating to vehicles or products. As unique product and service design is increasingly difficult to maintain as a competitive advantage, winner brands are more about accurately defining your company and appealing directly to the customer that your brand aims to engage. With the products you design, the brand design and brand actions the brand needs to catch your company and your consumers’ commitment.

2. Designing a brand is about business

You may define branding goals and a desired brand identity or you may brand your business and proceed with the company’s mission and vision. Despite your philosophical start the business you do will become your brand, and the better your business the better your brand and visa versa. Design and communication is one thing, but how what it is that you brand acts is what will form the brand’s recognizable identity. Only then the better your brand the better your business. The best part is that this works continuously, branding gives recognition but business actions determine its quality. The worst part may come if you get branded as bad business.

3. Remember how your brand sounds

If you do, then you are on the right track. If your brand is using only what sound and music is popular at the moment then there is a fair chance that not only you but your consumers will not remember how your brand sounds, or sounded like last season. With the fragmented media landscape and amount of technology on a global scale, sound is no longer optional in branding to maintain brand recognition. Consumers may not have the time to watch but they may hear. You can close your eyes but you con not close your ears.

These considerations, and many more, were presented at the: “How to Design Future Winner Brands, Dd + DE” conference, hosting such speakers as: Louise Beveridge, Bertrand Chovet, Michael Boumendil of Sixieme Son and Birgitte Rode of Soundbranding. The conference was a big success, follow Soundbranding to be informed about future events and learn how to design winner brands.

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