Sound as intuitive guide to usability

Sound has always been an important part of people’s navigation. We experience and understand both through sound and the sounds awaken our deep instincts. We know the sound of the siren, ambulance, a slowing car but also the sound of TV News, the Nokia phone and many more. Sounds that create reaction and action or sounds that create mood give us a sense of security.

Since the invention of the phone in the middle of the last century, designed sound has electricity and digitalization are gaining ground, there have been more  opportunities to implement designed sound.

As development progresses, it is a necessity to apply professional sound design, which both supports the use of the product’s application and user experience, but which creates differentiation for competing products.

Sound design is therefore increasingly used by innovative Danish companies, as in the case here, where the companies Soundbranding and LiftUp A/S, which have just completed a successful collaboration regarding. Raizer II.

LiftUp A/S is known for innovative welfare technology, combining aesthetics, quality and functionality to produce cutting-edge aids. Soundbranding is a well established and experiences company within product sound design and audio branding solutions.

LiftUp has just launched the new Raizer II with a number of improved actions, including an expanded and custom made audio page that improves users experience and use of the product.

Take a look at the video where you will meet Flemming Eriksen Proprietor of LiftUp as well as Birgitte Rode and Jonas Rode Hvass from the company Soundbranding for a small talk about the collaboration, the result and the challenges they encountered in the process.