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Soundbranding is a pioneer and leader in creating sound identity and sound design since 2001. Commonly referred to as audio branding, sound branding, or sonic branding, our work at Soundbranding focuses on developing distinctive and unique sound identities for application in corporate culture and brand communication.

A corporate or brand sound identity may manifest in the form of: a soundtrack, environmental sound, product design related sound, signal sounds, a sound logo, or a sound signature. All of the mentioned sound identity forms may be designed to reflect the identity of the company or brand, and all of them may be protected by copyright.

These are examples of branded sound under copyright protection:

This type of sound may be used in: environmental design, video marketing and more. By using branded sound a company is recognised by its sound in addition to its visual representations, which creates a whole new dimension of possibilities for brand identity articulation. This may not only strengthen the brand but also limit further marketing music costs, as well as safeguard the brand identity from possible PR issues which may arise when using known artist music in brand communication.

Our unique expertise has brought our clients highly recognisable and memorable sound identities.


Our aim at Soundbranding is to advance ownership among employers and clients to the sound dimension in brand identity as to make brands come alive in every touchpoint. We believe in talent, passion, and perseverance.


Our brand consultants and professional composers combine their talents to design unique yet appropriate musical expressions for our clients. Together, they create a language that musically translates the brand values and personality – a musical DNA of the brand. The consulting hub works closely with the client to understand communication objectives and touchpoint priorities.


“Soundbranding – the connection between investment and emotion” is out in print now!

Learn more about why, how, and for whom sound branding contributed to a huge brand success. While developing distinctive brands on the market of today becomes more and more challenging, Birgitte Rode underlines the role of sound, not only as a powerful tool for branding, but also as a part of life that connects us as people on an emotional level. The book shreds light on the still largely unexplored, and underestimated, link between marketing and music, as to explore the possibilities of using sound in branding to its full potential. After explaining her own musical experience and the history of Soundbranding, Birgitte Rode comments on the state of the art, as well as guides potential users towards best practice.

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  • Bang & Olufsen

    Bang and Olufsen When facing difficulties with strategic use of sound and music in their communication and marketing. Bang & Olufsen turned to Soundbranding. Together, the first steps towards strategic sound use were made in 2001.
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  • Visit Nordjylland

    The marketing team of Visit Nordjylland has recognised a need of developing a Sound Branding tool that could serve as a universal sound platform providing coherence for all tourist partners across the North Region of Denmark.
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  • Friis

    In order to create recognition in all touch points Friis decided to create a unique Sound Identity. The project required redesigning their Corporate Sound and their media mix to create a strategic branding tool suitable across media.
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  • Louis Nielsen

    Soundbranding was approached by the Communications Manager of Louis Nielsen A/S in November, 2009. The optician brand wanted to use sound and music design for creating an Employer Branding platform. The audio design was to be used for Human Resources Teambuilding purposes as well as for facilitating the Corporate Culture of the brand in general.
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  • Martin Lindstrom

    The Corporate Sound Identity of the Branding guru began on a cold december day back in 2003. Soundbranding, as Audio Management at the time, was contacted by a rather unclear phone connection from Australia. While in need of a unique platform providing a recognisable Sound Identity across touch points, for his projects including BRAND Child as well as the upcoming BRAND Sense, Martin found us in Denmark from among various German and British companies. Together with Martin we handpicked and designed custom intro and background music for use in various stages of his conferences, on his websites, as well as in his BRANDsense DVD, and in his BRANDflash weakly WebTV show.
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  • Danish Sound

    Danish Sound was in need of integrating all its media touchpoints by developing of a distinctive Sound Identity as to improve overall performance and in order launch physical space experience projects.
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We make every effort to create unique, musical, brand personalities.
We believe in talent, passion, and perseverance. 

 – Birgitte Rode, C.E.O

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