At Soundbranding we create unique sound identities for audio branding purposes.


The process of designing a sound identity and various sound solutions is complex. Therefore, the services offered at Soundbranding can be distinguished into: the methodology used for sound identity analysis and the procedures used to produce sound adaptations.

Also, as to ensure that branded sound is protected, Soundbranding manages music rights copyright for all our clients.

Learn more about the various processes we manage to create audio branding sound solutions from our services list below.


  1. Brand Audit & Analysis
  2. Strategic Planning & Sound Identity Description
  3. Creative Research & Production of Audio Identity
  4. Finalization of Audio DNA & Logo


  1. Endframe
  2. TV Spot
  3. Radio Spots
  4. Customer Service Line
  5. Smartphone App Sound Design

Music Rights

  1. Regional Development License
  2. National Development License
  3. Continental Development License
  4. Global Development License


Adjusted to client case


Creating a brand sound identity requires analyzing the brand and creating adaptations which need to be licensed according to the requirements of the client.

Therefore, exact costs of the project will naturally vary along with the scale of the project.

Branding project global scale, potential numbers of adaptations required based on possible touchpoints and varying requirements for sound production will influence the exact prices.

Contact Soundbranding for appraisal of your brand case.